• aspen trees collage

    Aspen Trees

    My latest project is Aspen Trees…a mixed media collage. 20″ x 20″ canvas acrylic paint and white charcoal pencil collage materials I started with a platinum and gold painted background on the canvas.  Then, used brushes, string, and other items to create a multi-colored background with a bit of depth. Trees were painted next (with some smaller limbs drawn in), and then cut out leaves from old magazines and glued them to the trees.  Once completed, I added a varnish finish.

  • How to be Profitable

    Reasons to Start a Profitable Art Blog and Leave Your Day Job Behind

    If you’re anything like me, you’re not a 9-to-5 kind of person.  I honestly think that if I had to spend most of my days in an office environment, it would be like living a very slow death – even worse, while feeling chained to a desk.  But that seems to be the norm for most people. I’ve worked from home for the past 20 years as a nonprofit management consultant and find that the “working from home” life suits me nicely.  I’ve been home to watch my daughter grow, have been able to attend school activities, take her to doctors’ appointments without asking anyone’s permission, and basically enjoy a…

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    How to be Profitable

    How to Start a Profitable Money Making Art Blog

    Do you know that it’s ENTIRELY possible to earn a significant amount of income by BLOGGING?  I was floored when I learned how much some bloggers are earning, while living their passion. This post contains an easy “how-to” guide for how to start a profitable art blog, even if you have no experience with blogging. == You may be interested in:  Reasons to Start a Profitable Art Blog and Leave Your Day Job Behind == To get a few natural first questions out of the way… How much does it cost to start a blog? Not much at all…by using the guide below, you can expect to spend less than…

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    Skills and Mindset

    Learning to Draw – Taking the Ultimate Challenge

    Where do you start if you want to learn to draw?  It depends…everyone has their own path and wants to learn to draw for different reasons.  When I decided to take my first drawing class, I went all in and took a figure drawing class, and for me, that turned out to be the absolute best path for various reasons.  I thought I’d share those insights in case it helps others in making their own choice about how to get started. I had always been a creative child – asking for art supplies at every birthday and at Christmas.  Playing with creativity was my favorite activity, but I mainly just…

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    Skills and Mindset

    How to Inspire the Creative Child to Create

    Do you want to help your child to be more creative or artistic?  This post offers tips and ideas for how to encourage kids of any age to be creative.  Kids are naturally more creative and artistic than adults.  Their imaginations are typically alive and seeking direction.  Not all kids’ creative or artistic potential is obvious, so offering inspiration can be helpful to see if any kind of creative spark can be generated with some ideas. Here are some ideas for inspiring and directing creative energy at any age. Always have art supplies on hand and accessible. Designate an area where your child can create (and make a mess), even…

  • Skills and Mindset

    How to Focus Your Artistic Ideas for Greater Productivity

    Are you the type of creative individual who has so many creative or artistic ideas you just get stuck and find it a challenge to get started on any one of them?  If so, this article is for you.  (If, on the other hand, you have trouble getting inspired, check out this post about ideas to find inspiration.)   CRITIC:  Critic keeps your mind spinning from one idea to another, each idea fighting with the others to gain top position for your next project.  You stay so stuck in your thoughts that you don’t start work on any of them. MUSE:  Muse lets the mind generate as many ideas as…

  • Skills and Mindset

    How to Spark Creative Inspiration

    Artists seem to fall into one of two categories: (1) those who have challenges getting inspired to create, and (2) those who are inspired by so many ideas that they seem to get stuck in knowing which to focus on at any moment.  In both cases, the result is often a lack of creating anything on a consistent basis.   CRITIC:  Critic will keep you stuck in the mundane activities of day-to-day life, blocking your mind from feeling inspired to embrace a creative mindset. MUSE:  Muse chooses to open his or her mind to seeing inspiration everywhere.  From a leaf on the ground to random people walking by, s/he sees…