Warmest heartfelt welcome!

Be your best creative self…

This is a place to dream

To find a creative life path that makes your heart sing…

To find the tools and resources to bring your creative dream to life.

It’s a place to acknowledge your inner CRITIC and learn to listen more closely to your inner MUSE.

This website started as a birthday present to myself. It reflects my path and commitment to live creatively and to inspire YOU to embrace your own creative path.

If you…

Enjoy drawing or painting or creating “art” in any way, whether as a hobby or professional…

WANT to live more creatively but get stuck knowing how to fit that into your life…

Would LOVE to know how to escape the “rat race” or treadmill and, instead, make a living doing something that inspires you – something more creative that makes you happy

Sell your art from time to time but would like to learn how to be more consistent about it

Sell your art consistently but want to learn how to grow your audience and fan base

You’re in the right place!




I’m currently working on some really cool and useful freebies for you – tools and resources that will provide you with the nuts & bolts to start implementing ideas to live more creatively, wherever you are along your creative path.

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