How to Focus Your Artistic Ideas for Greater Productivity

How to Focus Your Artistic Ideas for Greater Productivity

Are you the type of creative individual who has so many creative or artistic ideas you just get stuck and find it a challenge to get started on any one of them?  If so, this article is for you.  (If, on the other hand, you have trouble getting inspired, check out this post about ideas to find inspiration.)


CRITIC:  Critic keeps your mind spinning from one idea to another, each idea fighting with the others to gain top position for your next project.  You stay so stuck in your thoughts that you don’t start work on any of them.

MUSE:  Muse lets the mind generate as many ideas as possible on an ongoing basis, and carefully prioritizes them…noting all ideas for future reference.  S/he chooses one and gets started to unleash creativity toward one idea at a time, and then moves onto the next one when done with the first.  In this way, productivity is assured.


The first step toward focusing your ideas is to write your ideas down.  Every time a new idea comes to mind, it gets put on the list.

So you have a list of ideas, whether it’s 2 or 20 (or more).

The next step is to think through a plan from a birds eye view.  Decide what your goal is at the given time.

Set your goal FIRST. 

Are you creating just for fun?

If so, then select one item from the list you feel would offer the most enjoyment in creating.

When the first one is done, choose another idea that looks fun or challenging or whatever direction you want to go.

Pick a direction, make a choice, and get started – no excuses!

Are you interested in creating art to sell? 

Then you would think through where you want to market your art and work from there.

For example, you may want to create a series of paintings to promote to a local shop or gallery.

If that’s the case, you want to visit the shops or galleries where you want to promote your art and see what, from your list of ideas, would fit best within the sales venue.

Your choice of what to work on first should fit with your goal.

Creating a series on a particular subject matter or style is a great way to get started with a clear focus.

Once you’ve created a handful of pieces within that series, you would select a new subject matter and work on a second series.

By working on one series at a time, you can market different sets of paintings/drawings to different venues that fit.

Is your goal to enter a piece (or pieces) into an art show? 

Select the opportunity and read the promotional material.  Most art shows have a theme, so choose an idea from your list that best suits the theme.

Goals are seemingly endless, but by choosing your goal first, you can get started creating work that suits your goals – one at a time – so that you’re on target to stay focused and productive.


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