Reasons to Start a Profitable Art Blog and Leave Your Day Job Behind

Reasons to Start a Profitable Art Blog and Leave Your Day Job Behind

If you’re anything like me, you’re not a 9-to-5 kind of person.  I honestly think that if I had to spend most of my days in an office environment, it would be like living a very slow death – even worse, while feeling chained to a desk.  But that seems to be the norm for most people.

I’ve worked from home for the past 20 years as a nonprofit management consultant and find that the “working from home” life suits me nicely.  I’ve been home to watch my daughter grow, have been able to attend school activities, take her to doctors’ appointments without asking anyone’s permission, and basically enjoy a flexible schedule and lifestyle.

And though I’m very grateful to have been so fortunate in that sense, I haven’t made time for art, which is my truest passion.

So for years, this is what’s gone through my mind…

CRITIC: Don’t take time out of your day to draw or paint…you have SO many other more important things you should be doing…like billable work!  Being creative and making art is just self-indulgence.

MUSE: But drawing and painting feeds my very soul and inspires me to be happy – isn’t THAT important?  (btw, the answer is a resounding YES!!!)

So what to do???

How can one combine the need to earn a living, a desire to work from home with a flexible schedule, and a love of creating art?

That’s where this blog adventure begins…

By starting a blog and learning how to make it profitable, I can accomplish all of these goals…and so can you!

You may be thinking it’s nothing more than a pipe dream…that it’s not possible…that visual artists are destined to be “poor starving artists” for the sake of doing what they love.

How can a niche blog about art (or anything at all for that matter) be profitable enough to earn a decent living?

I wondered that, too.  But then I started digging and doing a LOT of research to find out whether or not it really WAS possible.  To my surprise, I found that many bloggers out there are doing just that – and VERY successfully.  And these aren’t just big name corporate or celebrity bloggers.  These are every-day people who dedicated themselves to a new path of doing what they love and making it successful.

I heard a quote recently that stuck with me…

“Find someone who has what you want…do what they do…and you’ll have what they have.”

Yes, it takes time to get the ball rolling…but with consistent effort and learning some new skills, it is entirely possible to earn a living blogging about what you love – even if you have ZERO experience starting out.

Inspiration —

Here’s a list of JUST A FEW successful bloggers who have greatly inspired me to start my own blog (note: these bloggers are making between $20K-$100K per MONTH from their blogs!):




As if that’s not enough inspiration, here is a list of BENEFITS of starting your own art blog:

  • If your goal is to create a profitable blog (and not just as a hobby), then you can certainly make money while working from home.  Many bloggers make a full-time income from blogging.  The main investment is your time and effort.  


  • Get exposure for your art or other business.  Blogging expands your reach and offers you the opportunity to reach far more people than with a simply website. 


  • Branding — If you host your blog on your own domain and use WordPress as the platform, you control the look and feel of your blog and online presence.


  • Sell more art! You can sell art through your blog or link to another website where your art is for sale.  Blogs rank well in search engines, so your blog’s audience will grow organically over time, and offers you the ability to collect email addresses to reach out directly to your mailing list – keeping them up to date about new pieces of work and new posts.


  • Blogging gives you a voice. Rather than creating and selling art, while you – as the artist – stay behind the scenes, you can use your blog to share more about who you are – what inspires you, your artistic influences or process, or current and upcoming projects.  Art buyers enjoy knowing more about the artist who created the work they purchased.


And so I’m in.  Are you with me?

Are you ready to start your own adventure in blogging and leave your day job behind?

Ready to embrace your own path of doing what you love and making a great living from it?

To cut the learning curve, I’ve written a simple article for the first steps along this adventure:  How to Start a Profitable Money Making Art Blog.

Trust me, if I could get my blog up and running, ANYONE can!


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2 thoughts on “Reasons to Start a Profitable Art Blog and Leave Your Day Job Behind

  1. Today is my 48th birthday and I’ve just replied a bunch of “Happy Birthday Text” and rather than go about my everyday mundane chores I went on to Pinterest and the first thing I saw was your article. After reading just the first paragraph, I thought “WOW, this is speaking…no screaming to me. Was this written for just me?”. You are doing what I’ve been dreaming about for years. I’ve said to myself for the first time in my life “that’s it…I’M AN ARTIST”. I never thought of myself in those terms but I am now!

    1. Thank you – your post just made my day:-) The fact that my post spoke to you in such a way is precisely my goal…so that others are inspired to rethink their goals and their professional identity and include creativity as a primary force. I just turned 50 a few months ago and decided it was time to embrace my artistic soul and find a way to incorporate dedicating time to what I love most with a way to make it profitable on a consistent basis. After having studied the world of blogging for quite some time, it struck me how they were the perfect fit, and here we are! Thank you again for your heartfelt comment.

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