For VISUAL ARTISTS: Take the CRITIC & the MUSE Artist’s Poll

For VISUAL ARTISTS: Take the CRITIC & the MUSE Artist’s Poll

I’d love your help in creating meaningful content for visual artists.

What are your greatest challenges?  What topics related to creativity or life as an artist do you want to know more about?

Your feedback will help me to fill the CRITIC & the MUSE blog with articles providing information that would be most beneficial to you and other visual artists.  The poll only take a minute or two, and I GREATLY appreciate your help!

Please share this link widely within your own creative networks…

As a THANK YOU for those who take the poll, you’ll receive the CRITIC & the MUSE networking guide as an easy-to-download 1-page printout: “Art Marketing: Being Artfully Social Savvy- The Visual Artists Networking Guide” – a cheat sheet you can download from the “Thank You” page after submitting your poll response, to help you make more engaging and fruitful in-person connections.

CRITIC & the MUSE Visual Artist’s Poll

Topics that would be most helpful and interesting to me (please choose all that apply):
My current status as an artist can best be described as:
Age Range (please choose one):
Gender (please choose one):


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