15 Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Ideas for Artists

15 Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Ideas for Artists

If you’re an artist blogging about art – or if you want to start a blog – the natural question is “what do I blog about”???

As a creative spirit, you really have an endless selection of ideas to blog about – it just takes a bit of imagination.  Here’s a list of 15 ideas to start off your brainstorming…just remember to infuse your PASSION when writing about any of these topics.

Here’s the thing about lists.  Some of these topics may sound a little “blah” when first reading them (and not “attention-grabbing” at all!), yet when you think about the topic independently and infuse it with your heartfelt passionate energy, suddenly a potentially bland topic comes to life.

For example, in number 10, writing about your favorite art tools and supplies can be either incredibly dull or entirely energizing and striking depending on what you write and how you write it.

If you LOVE a particular brand of paint, tell your readers WHY!  Is it the vibrancy of the colors?  Or the varied textures you can create?  Or how they blend so perfectly to give just the right tones you want for your paintings?

Your goal in writing every blog post is to give the topic LIFE and ENERGY so that your posts inspire or entertain (or educate) your readers in some way.

Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Ideas for Artists

  1. Showcase each new piece of art you create with a note about the inspiration to create it
  2. Showcase particular pieces of art you created with an explanation about the process(es) you used in its creation
  3. Lessons and insights you have learned as an artist
  4. Sketchbook drawings and studies with notes about what aspects you found easy or challenging
  5. Promote an art competition you think other artists would want to know about (especially if you’re participating, as well!)
  6. Write about artists throughout history who have inspired you (this can be broken into several blogs posts – one highlighting each artist)
  7. Write about contemporary artists you have discovered
  8. Movies that have inspired you (and why)
  9. Write about a mentor or someone who has influenced your artistic path
  10. Write about your favorite art tools and supplies and where to purchase them
  11. Write about resources you use as an artist, whether online or offline
  12. Write a review of art (or business, or marketing, etc.) books you have found helpful or inspiring
  13. Write about what has worked (and what hasn’t worked so well) for you in promoting or selling your art
  14. Write a post about where you find your inspiration in general – from nature, from people, animals, etc. – what catches your interest and how to you incorporate this into your art?
  15. Create and post “how to” videos about mastering a particular skill

Again, this is just a SMALL sample of topics you could blog about as an artist.

Once you’ve taken some time to brainstorm more ideas (or you may have done this already), please take a minute or two to write your ideas in the comment section below and share the love of creativity!


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