“Blessed Are They Who See Beautiful Things in Humble Places Where Other People See Nothing”

“Blessed Are They Who See Beautiful Things in Humble Places Where Other People See Nothing”

Quote by Camille Pissarro

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What the Artistic MUSE Has to Say and How It Can Inspire You to Reach Your Creative Goals

What do you see with your artist’s eye?  My guess is that your vision is different than your “average Jane or Joe.”  I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for artists who could capture the beauty of a moment most others would pass by without much thought or notice.

You know the ones – the artists who think beyond the typical landscapes, flowers, pets, etc. and paint the plight of the homeless, or cancer patients, or capturing someone’s most private and painful moments in a piece of art.

Please don’t misunderstand me – I’m not dissing any artists or their chosen subjects.  I enjoy typical forms of “beautiful” artwork.

It’s just that when your art can invoke a strong emotion (really, any emotion), you’ve accomplished something really special.

At that point, you have gone beyond mastering the technical skill of painting or drawing and taken your art to a level that truly moves others.

You don’t need to make “beautiful art” for others to find beauty in what you capture on the canvas or paper.

When you can find ways to infuse an emotional experience with your art – beyond viewers merely physically seeing and appreciating the artistic skill behind the artwork – you impact people at a deeper level.

Your art may inspire, captivate, offend, or repulse its viewer, but you’ve moved them in some meaningful way – even if only for a moment.

Celebrate those moments! 

For the rest of us, as artists and creatives, we can benefit from practicing finding beauty in unusual places, seeing things with a new perspective, and experimenting with ways to incorporate those perspectives into our future art.


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