Why Every Artist Needs a Blog to Sell Art Successfully

Why Every Artist Needs a Blog to Sell Art Successfully

Creating an Art Blog and What It Can Do For You:

  • It enhances your website presence.  You may have a nicely designed static website where you showcase your art.  If so, you can think of that as your “store front.”  A blog would be its side kick…doing the harder work of getting people in the store (i.e. to your website).  They work together as a team to brand your image and each have different functions.
  • If you don’t have a static website, your blog can do the work for both. Most anything you would include on a static site can be included in your blog.  It really just depends on how complicated or high-end you want to go in terms of design.  You can certainly create a clean and simply designed website using WordPress (one of the more popular blogging platforms), and then choose a theme that would showcase your images nicely.  You could incorporate sales functionality to sell art directly from your blog using “widgets.”
  • It broadens your reach. Blogs are indexed higher in search engines because they are updated more frequently.  If you think about it, you may only add something new to your website when you’re uploading a new piece of art to sell or into your portfolio.  On a blog, you could conceivably update your blog 2-3 times (or more) in that same amount of time…leading to better search engine rankings (leading to more people finding your artwork).
  • It creates a stronger connection with buyers. Potential buyers will have an insiders-view into whatever you want to share on your blog.  You could write about what inspired you in creating a particular piece, or write about the process and what went into creating it (adding to its value!), or about any number of things to engage you potential buyers.
  • It keeps you accountable and inspired to create more art. I don’t know about you, but I’m more productive under a little pressure (even if it’s self-induced). So having a blog gives you a sense that you have an audience to satisfy with new posts and pictures.
  • It offers flexibility. With a blog, you have various choices about how to make it work best for you, your branding, and goals.  Create a strategy based around the idea that your blog can be a more interactive way to reach your audience (if you allow for comments to your posts and you respond to those comments).  And then monitor what seems to gain the most attention and engagement so that you can spend more time on what works best.
  • It feeds customers into your sales funnel. If you sell art from your website, a blog engages a new audience, which you can then entice with your art and send them to learn more from your website.  You can use the blog to collect email addresses (it will likely get more traffic and attention than a static website) and keep them up to date when you complete new pieces or have an upcoming event to announce.
  • You can monetize your blog for an additional source of income. This takes more time and effort in the beginning, but if you make a long term plan, it can payoff really nicely in the long run.  There’s a learning curve to monetizing a blog and doing it well, but with significant patience and if done correctly, you could eventually be making a decent income from your blog, putting in less time with it, and spending more time creating art.  It’s really a WIN all around!

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