I’ve compiled this list of resources for items I’ve mentioned in previous posts (or plan to mention in an upcoming post), so that you can find my favorite recommended products and services in one place.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links and will be clearly indicated.  I may earn a nominal commission *at no extra cost to you* if you choose to purchase through these links.  I ONLY recommend products I have used personally and found to be of clear value, and from companies whom I trust. By purchasing through my affiliate links, you are also helping to support the creation of this blog, which is greatly appreciated!


Bluehost Web Hosting  (affiliate link)

SiteGround Web Hosting  (affiliate link)

Web Hosting

Pinterest – for promoting your blog

Canva – for creating visually appealing pins for Pinterest

Tailwind – for finding interest groups, creating, and scheduling posts

Snappa – for creating social media graphics (saves an enormous amount of time in getting the images sized correctly with higher resolution and image clarity)

ConvertKit – for creating your email list (seems to have better conversion/open rates than other programs)

MailChimp – another option for creating your email list (great for starting on a shoestring, but open rates not as high as when using ConvertKit)


Anatomy for the Artist, by Jeno Barcsay

Check Amazon Pricing (affiliate link)

Anatomy for the Artist


Jack Richeson Lyptus Wood “Dulce” Easel (JACK-840200)

Check Amazon Pricing (affiliate link)


Logan F500-2 Dual Point Driver Elite 

Check Amazon Pricing (affiliate link)

dual point driver elite







Frame Back Kit: Artwork Hanging Kit with D-Ring Hangers, Wire and Bumpers – Pro Picture Hanging Kit to Wire 50 Pieces of Art – Picture Hang Solutions

Check Amazon Pricing  (affiliate link)

frame back kit



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